Tarantino Stirs Up the Scares in 'Hostel'
January 6, 2006

Three backpackers trekking through Eastern Europe meet terror in the new horror movie "Hostel." "Extra" spoke to Executive Producer Quentin Tarantino at the film's Los Angeles screening, who told us to get ready for a heart-stopping ride.

"This movie may be too intense for human beings," he revealed.

Producer Mike Fleiss agrees. "This is a pretty scary movie," he said. "The first time we showed it in Toronto, we had people collapsing. They had to call an ambulance."

"Jake in Progress" star Rick Hoffman is in the movie, and his TV co-star John Stamos came to lend support… well, sort of.

"You're good in the trailer," Stamos said to Hoffman. "I hope you're that good in the movie. I saw it on the net. You're killing a young Asian woman."

"Now you've ruined the entire thing," Hoffman said. "That's the money shot. You just ruined it!"

Don't worry, there are plenty of scares and surprises when "Hostel" hits theatres January 6th.

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