Star Beauty Secrets Without the Surgery
January 5, 2006

Hollywood is always looking for the latest beauty treatments, and today, "Extra" is sharing the hottest tricks and tips with you! So let's get started… how do you get rid of dark under eye circles?

Hylexin is the first eye cream made to fight raccoon eyes. It strengthens tiny capillaries to keep them from leaking blood, which causes dark circles, and then flushes away material from under the eye.

Company spokesperson Gina Gay says the fact that Hylexin is a solution, not a concealer, has made it the number one eye cream. "People are buying it again and again," she said.

Next question: how do you get rid of aging hands?

Skin Hand Clinic gets rid of wrinkles and brown spots on your hands, which are a dead giveaway to your age. Developed by Dermatologist Harvey Abrams, this three-step system cleanses, exfoliates and lightens dark spots.

Just ask 40-year-old Theresa Taylor, who wanted to nip her dark spots in the bud. "I definitely noticed a lightening of the spots and definitely noticed a glow to the skin after as little as three treatments," she said.

Dr. Abrams says the beauty of this treatment is that you can do it at home once every two or three weeks. "The entire process takes less than five minutes," she said.

And finally, how do you get rid of fine lines without surgery? Rachel Hunter sprays them away with Primer by Classified Cosmetics. Yolanda Halston says it helps your makeup stay on longer and creates the illusion of perfect skin.

"It also fills in fine lines, fills in pores, evens out the skin tone," she added. "It's also a skin brightener so it gives you an extra lift."

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