Celebs Hit the Floor for 'Dancing with the Stars 2'
January 4, 2006

A new galaxy of stars is ready to strut their stuff on season two of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," and only "Extra" went behind the scenes with actress Lisa Rinna, 98 Degrees alum Drew Lachey, WWE diva Stacy Keibler and the eternally tan George Hamilton as they sharpened their skills for Thursday night's big premiere.

"We've been doing five days a week, four hours a day," Lachey told us.

"My body has gone into things and done things that I never would have imagined ever in life," Rinna added.

But no star has suffered through the rigorous training like the 66-year-old sun god. "You're 66, you finally get your head together and your ass is falling off," Hamilton said, revealing that he arrived for his first rehearsal with a bum knee and four broken ribs.

"I broke four on a yacht," he said. "Of course that would happen to me. If I get hit, it has got to be by a Bentley, it wouldn't be a truck."

But George says his stunning polish partner, Edyta Sliwinska, and all the hours of dancing have helped him heal. "I came in like a little guy," he said. "And each day she made me stand up, and it's probably the best thing ever you can have for rehab."

Lisa Rinna told us not to count out the hobbling Hamilton. "I think George Hamilton is going to be a good competitor," she said.

See for yourself, when "Dancing with the Stars" kicks off Thursday night on ABC.

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