How Paris Hilton's Boy Toy Is Clubbing Underage
January 3, 2006

If you're Paris or Nicky Hilton, you can certainly get in any club in Las Vegas. And apparently, the Hilton effect is also helping Paris' underage boyfriend jump the velvet rope.

But Vegas insiders report that Paris was none too happy when she and boyfriend, 19-year-old Stavros Niarchos, were turned away from sister Nicky's New Year's Eve celebration at Pure nightclub.

Reports say Stavros flashed a fake ID to get into the party, but was turned away. Nicky and Paris reportedly stormed out of the club, but later returned to apologize.

"Clearly, this guy has been getting into clubs underage, and he's been drinking," said attorney Harvey Levin, who is the managing editor of the entertainment Web site

Just weeks ago, TMZ's cameras caught Stavros crashing Paris' brand new $162,000 Bentley into the back of a truck. The two were leaving Hollywood's trendy Element club, where witnesses said Stavros had been drinking.

"This guy is under investigation," Levin told us. "He may have committed a felony hit and run. And what does he do, he tries to get into a club when he's underage. He clearly thinks he is above the law."

Paris' people did not return our calls, but Pure says it will be happy to throw Stavros a big birthday party... when he turns 21.

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