Top Plastic Surgeon Reveals Botox Secrets
January 2 , 2006

Plastic surgery is on the rise, and with all the new procedures, it's hard to separate the beauty from the B.S. So "Extra" enlisted the help of Dr. Peter Grossman to separate the plastic surgery myth from reality.

Botox, injections that freeze the muscles in the brow and smooth facial wrinkling, is the number one cosmetic procedure in the country. "The beauty of Botox is that it really works," Grossman said simply.

But Botox is not without some B.S. "It's not without risks," Grossman insisted.

Those risks, Grossman said, increase by trying to save a buck by having Botox performed by just anyone. "There are people performing this procedure in salons without medical supervision," Grossman told us. "Botox is a dangerous drugs, it's a poison. You are increasing your risks of complications. Complications like bruising or drooping of the eyelid."

"One of the problems with Botox is certain unscrupulous practitioners who dilute the Botox with so much saline, that they make more money and you get less product," Grossman continued. "The problem is you're expecting this product to last for three to four months, and sometimes it will last only a couple of weeks. Unfortunately it happens more than you think."

Now on to some myth and reality about liposuction: "The beauty of liposuction is that it's one of the only ways to get rid of those unflattering bulges that no matter how much you diet or exercise, just won't go away," Grossman said.

But the reality is if the doctor is too aggressive and takes out too much fat, liposuction can leave you with bulges that you would never expect. Too much lipo can also leave scarring under the skin, which then results in contours.

But the good news is that there's one liposuction myth that is totally false. "People think if you have lipo in one area of your body, the fat will come back somewhere else," Grossman said. "That is B.S. What happens is that after liposuction people think they have a free ticket to eat whatever they want and not exercise, but if you maintain a healthy diet and a good exercise program, that fat is gone forever."

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