A Very Wisteria Morning
January 31, 2005

Wisteria Lane has quickly become one of the hottest addresses in television. From garnering a Golden Globe win to a multitude of magazine covers, the "Desperate Housewives" are sizzling. And now, one of morning TV's darling divas, Diane Sawyer, has taken a trip to the naughty neighborhood.

"We got to talk about everything, and I loved it," Sawyer told us.

For example, who knew Eva Longoria was a burger and fries girl? "Oh, I am," she insisted. "I don't diet. I did hire a personal trainer when I found out how much lingerie I was going to be in on the show. And we did great for three weeks, and then I just haven't called him back. Sorry, Tony."

And a humble Teri Hatcher admitted to Sawyer that she wondered if she would ever work again. "She talks so emotionally with us, about what it was like to be at that point where she was looking at possibly having to sell her house, possibly having to do something else," Sawyer revealed.

Hatcher won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy, but she says the show's a hit because of the chemistry between the cast: "There can be individual, strong, equal but unique, significant women's personalities that blend to create something great, instead of competing to crumble each other."

"What I do believe is that this is an amazingly supportive team," Sawyer observed.

But before the TV titan left the neighborhood, Nicolette Sheridan made one thing clear to Diane: "I hope she knows there's only room for one blonde around here."

Join Diane for her trip to Wisteria Lane, starting Friday on "Good Morning America."


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