Cosby Admits Consensual Encounter with Accuser
January 28, 2005

Entertainment icon Bill Cosby is facing terrible accusations from a young woman who claims he sexually assaulted her, and now "Extra" has explosive new developments in the investigation, thanks to the TV show "Celebrity Justice."

According to "CJ" Executive Producer Harvey Levin, "We know from people directly connected to the case that Bill Cosby has told Philadelphia police that he did have a sexual encounter with this woman. It was not intercourse, and Cosby told them it was consensual, and that's the issue here."

Cosby's accuser, a 30-year-old former college basketball player, tells a different story, claiming she was drugged and fondled by the star last January.

But her case may have problems. "CJ" has exclusively obtained a secret police memo, which reads in part, "She further informed the Canadian officials that she had been in contact with an attorney in Philadelphia that specializes in sexual assault."

"There are questions raised from this police memo," Levin observed. "Why did this woman go to a civil lawyer in Philadelphia before she told Canadian police that anything had happened?"

However, no matter what the merits of the case, the allegations are an embarrassment, considering that Cosby has become an outspoken advocate of family values, recently even making an appearance on "Dr. Phil."

Now the 67-year-old legend will fight to maintain his image as America's dad. Prosecutors are expected to decide whether to press charges against Cosby in the next couple of weeks.


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