Fashion Drill Sergeant
January 27, 2005

We're used to seeing her on the catwalk, but "Extra" got a peek at sexy supermodel Naomi Campbell taking on a whole new gig when we joined her behind the scenes at the shoot for the new Nicole Wray video.

She's got a killer bod and a killer career to match, but with her marketing firm, NC Connect, Naomi's proving that she's so much more than just a pretty face. "NC connects you with the right person who matches you for what you want," Naomi told us of her company.

So when hip-hop mogul Damon Dash needed someone to style singer Nicole Wray's new video, he looked no further than Naomi. "Anytime I need advice on high fashion, I always go to Naomi Campbell," Damon confirmed.

"Nicole's been amazing," Naomi reported. "We put her on a diet; we changed her hair. She's a real dedicated young woman."

Not to mention she's tough enough to stick to Naomi's no-nonsense rules. According to Damon, "When Naomi first started, it wasn't with that sweet voice -- she was like, 'You got to do this, do this.'"

"I'm very, very bossy," Naomi confirmed.

And Nicole admitted, "I had, like, a lump in my throat."

But what she ended up with was a fabulous new look, image and video.

"I'm going to cry," Nicole said gratefully, at the end of the experience, prompting Naomi to joke, "No, you're not -- your makeup!"

The secrets to success, from a superstar to a rising star.


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