Rumor Control: Old Tricks
January 27, 2005

You've heard the talk, now it's time to hear the truth. We've got the answers that keep today's hottest rumors under control.

Bill Clinton is back on the front pages in a surprising new photo that shows the recovering heart patient with a cigar in his mouth. Now friends are worried and wondering, is Bill back to his old bad habits?

He is not. "Extra" can confirm that the former president's cigar was not lit when he golfed during a visit to Miami for Donald Trump's wedding. According to his reps, our former commander in chief occasionally carries an unlit cigar, and is still heeding his doctor's advice to avoid smoking stogies and eating Big Macs.

Meanwhile, it was "Viva Las Vegas" for "American Idol," Wednesday night, as the show hit the strip and things heated up fast between Simon and Paula -- and also between Randy and Paula, and now people are asking, is there really a judge feud?

That would be a no! "Extra" was with Randy Thursday, and he told our Terri Seymour that the hatchet has been buried. "We get all cranky sometimes and the cameras just got it," Randy insisted. "Paula and I made up, off camera."

The countdown has begun for Martha Stewart, who will walk away from Camp Cupcake in just over five weeks, but rumor has it that she's been having some fun behind bars. Is she really taking line-dancing classes?

Yes. According to reports, Stewart has even learned a few steps for Brooks and Dunn's "Boot Scoot Boogie." No word on whether Martha's two-step is part of her debt to society, but with good attendance, she'll receive a certificate at the end of the four-week class.

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