De Niro Seeks Scares
January 27, 2005

He's gone from his hilarious role in "Meet the Fockers" to playing Dakota Fanning's dad in the scary new thriller "Hide and Seek." Wednesday night, "Extra's" Tanika Ray met up with Robert De Niro and his wife, Grace Hightower, at a screening in New York to get Robert's take on working with Dakota, the Oscar race what he's doing next.

Tanika Ray: Mr. De Niro, is this the scariest movie you've ever made?

Robert De Niro: I don't know, you'll see it, you tell me.

TR: Last night, were you scared?

RD: Well, I was looking at other peoples' reactions.

TR: If you heard somebody go, "Ahhh!" That was me.

RD: Yeah, I heard you.

TR: What was it like to work with Dakota, because she's a little star?

RD: Well, she's terrific. She's a wonderful actor.

De Niro recently teamed up with his legendary director friend, Martin Scorsese, for an American Express commercial, but does he have any other Oscar favorites besides Scorsese's "The Aviator?"

RD: I haven't focused on it yet except, at this point, for Marty, of course.

TR: What's next for you?

RD: I'm trying to direct a movie. I will direct it; I'm just trying to get it all together.

TR: What's it called?

RD: "The Good Shepherd."

But before De Niro directs Matt Damon in "The Good Shepard," be sure to check him out at the box office this weekend in his spine-tingling flick, "Hide and Seek."


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