Success in the Family Way
January 26, 2005

This has certainly been Jamie Foxx's year. He's up for two Academy Awards, won a Golden Globe and has won the critical acclaim of audiences and his peers. The day after the Oscar nominations were announced, "Extra's" Jon Kelley sat down with the star and discovered the very personal side of Jamie's success.

Jon Kelley: When the call first came in, give me the rush that went through your body.

Jamie Foxx: The rush was that we got two nominations, "Collateral" and Ray Charles; we're just floating on air.

JK: Who's the first person you shared the nominations with?

JF: Ah man, my sister. My sister and I are so close. We both thought how we can use this leverage and this energy to bring our family closer.

JK: For the people that don't know, what was the situation with your biological mother?

JF: My biological mother, she didn't raise me, and she's been in a little bit of a funk, as far as maybe not feeling like she can open up to me because she didn't raise me. For her sake, we want to reach out, and make sure she can be a part of this, because she's very cantankerous. She's very stubborn and a December 31st Capricorn, and "No, I'm not coming out there to Los Angeles."

Jamie was raised by his grandmother, who supported him even during his wilder days on "In Living Color."

JF: I was 22, 23, now I'm 37. I saw everything. I hung out Mike Tyson when he was wearing $15,000 jackets. I've seen everything Hollywood could possibly do to you.

JK: With that in mind, did you have any mentors? Who helped set you straight?

JF: When I was young and watching Denzel [Washington], and said, "What's with all the suits and the statues." He sat down and he told me what it's about. He said, "This is what it's about, young black men. It's about feeling respected, feeling that you're necessary." And that was a positive influence on me.

JK: Have you talked to Will (Smith) or Tom Cruise?

JF: Tom Cruise already left me a message, and I talked to Will, he wants to throw a nice get together. To have all of the different people call that are your peers, and people you've looked up to: Morgan Freeman, or Lou Gossett Junior. Lou Gossett Jr! Or Clint Eastwood -- you're sitting next to Clint Eastwood, the man. It's a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, how does Jamie plan to celebrate if Oscar night goes his way?

JF: I'd split that trophy a million ways, man, and give it to everybody.

Good luck, Jamie, we'll be pulling for you!

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