Tyra's New Daytime Style
January 26, 2005

Tyra Banks has got a whole new look, going from the high fashion catwalk to the competitive world of daytime talk.

"I want to entertain women, first of all," the savvy supermodel told us, when we caught up with her at the annual TV syndication trade show, NAPTE, in Las Vegas.

That's right, the creator of "America's Next Top Model," is launching her own talk show, distributed by Warner Bros and airing this fall, and she'll have plenty to say to help a new generation of women. "My generation are having children for the first time, getting married, or wondering should they get married," Tyra said. "I'm going through these things, and I want to experience them with my audience."

Tyra also revealed that her stint as a youth correspondent for the queen of talkers, Oprah Winfrey, taught her some valuable interviewing skills: "I learned you have to know your guests better than they know themselves. Sometimes guests get tongue-tied and you have to tell that story and help them out and do your research."

Tyra's guests will include some celebrity pals like Will Smith, who talked to her about how to have a successful marriage, as well as a mix of everyday people, but she's not giving up too much more about her new talkfest, insisting, "I'm not going tell you everything, 'cause I'd be giving away my secrets!"

And you can learn all those secrets for yourself, when Tyra's talk show hits the air this fall.

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