Rumor Control: Watching
January 25, 2005

Some big rumors are making the rounds today in Hollywood, so we've revved up a special edition of Rumor Control to set these stories straight.

To start, has somebody been spying on Nicole Kidman? It sure seems like it, as police in Sydney, Austraila, are investigating after a "listening device" was found planted in a garden near the actress's house. According to police, Nicole, "Was a potential target of this device."

Nicole's been bugged by tabloid journalists in the past -- and her father, Tony, says his daughter feels like a prisoner of the paparazzi. "She's almost a prisoner in her own house as a result of the people who pursue her for pictures and so on," Mr. Kidman stated. "I would be very pleased if people would just let her get on with her life."

Right now, Nicole is in Sydney shooting a movie called "Eucalyptus."

Meanwhile, closer to home, people are asking about Justin's bride. Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are one of Hollywood's hottest couples, but are they married? Cameron was recently photographed wearing what appears to be a wedding ring on her left hand -- and a closer look revealed it may be a Cartier Trinity ring. We also noticed Cameron is wearing a brace on her right forearm and wrist.

However, Cameron’s people tell us, no, she and Justin are not married or engaged; her publicist promised to get back to us about the wrist brace.

And finally, Britney Spears has wowed millions with her sexy music videos, but now there's word that fans may be about to see a whole lot more of her, as it's rumored Britney will be posing in Playboy.

Inside sources tell "Extra" that Britney was talking with the gentleman's magazine about posing butÍ no deal! (Sorry guys.) Britney won't be a bunny anytime soon.

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