Honoring the Unsung Heroes
January 24, 2005

Ashton Kutcher tipped his cap, Leo DiCaprio lent a hand and Eva Longoria looked anything but desperate at the Producers Guild of America Awards this weekend. But Will Smith just seemed confused. "When I was asked to present at the PGA Awards, I was really excited, because... I'm a huge golfer," Smith joked to the audience.

Luckily Denis Leary was on hand to help explain the awards to us. "The producer is the guy on the set who I go to and go, 'What the hell is going on? What's taking so long? Where's this actor? Where's my donut? Where's my coffee?' That's a producer."

But "Million Dollar Baby" producer Clint Eastwood had his own (and more logical) take: "It's just people skills. It's just working with people and getting the best out of them"

Jerry Bruckheimer took home an award for "The Amazing Race 5," admitting, "It's always nice to be honored, especially by people who are critical of our own work."

And the lovely Eva Longoria handed out the award for Best Variety Series, which went to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

And even though the Oscar nominations are not announced until early Tuesday morning, everyone from Mr. Eastwood to Morgan Freeman was eyeing those coveted 5 a.m. wake-up calls. Freeman told us, "I'm rooting for Clint, I'm rooting for Hilary, I'm rooting for me, but getting up at five o'clock in the morning to find out, I don't have to do."

"I'll probably be sleeping, but I'll probably get up and watch Yahoo or something," Eastwood added.

Congratulations to the night's winners and tomorrow's nominees. Don't miss Tuesday's edition of "Extra" as we go one-on-one with the Oscar noms as they get the wake-up call of their career.

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