An Emergency of the Heart
January 20, 2005

There's a hunky new med student giving Maura Tierney cardiac arrest on "ER," and "Extra" went on location in Chicago to get the scoop on Abby Lockhart's new love interest, played by Eion Bailey.

"It's all about my desperate attraction to Maura Tierney," Eion told us.

And Maura revealed that their relationship is, "Going to be a little more straightforward and fun than the other men in my life have been."

The "ER" newcomer also gave us the vitals on his character, telling us, "He's a fourth year med student, but not the typical shellshock med student who comes directly out of med school and fumbles through everything."

Thankfully, Eion hasn't fumbled -- yet. "I thought the medical procedures would be difficult, but I just practiced some," he told us.

Look out for Eion slinging the med-talk, Thursday night on "ER."

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