Back With the Bluths
January 20, 2005

Liza Minnelli is under arrest -- "Arrested Development," that is, and "Extra's" Jon Kelley got a first look at Liza rocking the set.

Showbiz icon Liza Minnelli is the new star attraction on the Emmy Award winning, whacky family comedy. In her hilarious, multi-episode role, Liza plays a widowed socialite with vertigo who has trouble navigating sidewalks, but has no trouble making moves on Buster, the Bluth family's spacey son.

Just after "Arrested" star Jason Bateman won his Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Comedy, he joked with "Extra" about working with Liza. "It's a pretty violent vibe," he revealed. "She beats me around a little; she's got a mouth like a sailor." Okay, Jason was just kidding, of course. He then told us, "No, she's incredibly professional. We actually learn a lot from her."

"She's incredibly fast on her feet," he continued. "You know if she drops a line, she thinks up another one, and you've got to be on your toes with her."

Catch the one and only Liza on Sunday night's episode of "Arrested Development" on FOX.

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