The Secret Lives of 'Housewives'
January 20, 2005

"Desperate Housewives'" resident hottie James Denton dropped by "Extra" recently, to reveal some hot secrets from this week's episode.

To start with, we know Susan will be shocked when she catches her daughter in the arms of the troubled teenage neighbor. So what other delectable "Desperate" bits are on the way?

In addition to James, we enlisted the help of TV Guide's Bruce Fretts, to help us uncover five fabulous secrets.

#1. Julie's Crush Crumbles: Julie's crush will take a tragic turn. According to Fretts, "They're going to have a Romeo and Juliet relationship, and we all know how that turned out."

James' take? "Well, I don't know if it's actually Romeo and Juliet or not," he laughed. "But it certainly gets interesting because Susan's a little scared of Zach -- as any mother ought to be."

#2. Love Hurts: As Bree's relationship with her husband continues its downward spiral, there will also be trouble for her recent fling, the pharmacist. "He's already suffered some injuries, but it's going to get more serious in upcoming episodes," Fretts revealed.

"That poor guy," James told us. "I mean, it's pretty obvious that she's just sort of using him to get back at Rex."

#3. Bad Boys, Bad Boys: While Lynette's sleazy father-in-law, played by Ryan O'Neal, is in town, she discovers her bad boys are stealing from the neighbors. And Fretts told us, "What they steal is going to end up being a clue to the whole mystery of Mrs. Huber's murder and the suicide of Mary Alice."

"The kids get in way over their heads," James noted. "They stumble into some big clues about the mystery."

#4. Getting Her Man: Gabrielle is stunned when her teenage lover's parents ask her for a favor. "You will see that scenario develop as to what his mother is planning to do to the evil Gabrielle," Eva Longoria revealed.

"You do at least see more of that relationship and sort of the backlash from what she got into with the teenage gardener," James told us. "Which I think she deserves and has coming to her."

#5. Mike's Dark Mystery: And finally, we weren't about to let James get away without revealing a little dirt about his alter ego's mysterious past.

"We know he's in the system. We've said that in one episode, where he makes a comment about 'my prints are in the system,'" acknowledged James. "So, I think it's about an episode or two away, you find out why."

And here's a special bonus secret: will anyone else go the way of Mrs. Huber? "Yes," declared James. "We don't know who, so all the actors, every time we get a new script, we're flying through it trying to make sure it's not us."

Tune into ABC Sunday night as the scandalous secrets start coming to light.

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