'Desperate' for Secrets
January 19, 2005

The "Desperate Housewives" nabbed the Golden Globe for top Comedy TV Show on Sunday night -- but the awards show certainly didn't stop 24 million viewers from tuning in to ABC's smash hit. Now "Extra" has some steamy scenes from next week's must-see episode.

Just when you thought it might be over (or not), Gabrielle and John the gardener's dangerous liaison gets hotter than ever. In TV Guide's cover story, Bruce Fretts has the scoop, and he's sharing with "Extra."

"In the next episode John turns 18," Fretts revealed. "It is no longer a crime to be having their affair so he makes a very serious play for Gabrielle."

So will the yard boy really pop the question? "If he does propose, I don't think she'll accept," Fretts speculated. "I think she realizes this would be a huge blow to her lifestyle."

And will gorgeous Gabrielle get pregnant this season? Just last Sunday, her husband, Carlos, who is desperate to be a daddy, called the pharmacist for birth control pills -- and then replaced them with placebos!

"She's so selfish and for her to have to think about taking care of someone else for a change would be a great twist," Fretts told us. "I wouldn't be surprised if by May sweeps she's got a bun in the oven."

But if she does get pregnant, whose baby would it be -- her husband's or her lover's? "I don't know whose baby it would be," Fretts admitted. "I'm not sure she would know whose baby it would be."

One thing is for sure -- America is obsessed with the scandalous storylines. Tune in on Sunday for all the desperately delicious details! And don't miss Thursday's "Extra," for even more "Desperate Housewives" secrets.

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