Celebrating in the Snow
January 18, 2005

Smoldering Latin heartthrob Antonio Banderas really lit up his winter home of Aspen over the weekend as he found himself the star of multiple celebrations in the winter playground of America's rich and famous.

Antonio was the guest of honor at the opening ceremonies for Aspen's Annual Wintersköl Winter Festival. He led a torch-lit run down the slopes to benefit the Buddy System Children's Charity, and he also chose the occasion to launch his new men's fragrance, Spirit Antonio Banderas.

"Traditionally, perfumes that are very expensive and use the name of an actor or celebrity don't work," he told us. "So we tried to do something that was quality but also inexpensive"

And Melanie gave it her own personal endorsement, telling us, "I love it."

Antonio confided to "Extra" that he and Melanie were also celebrating the tenth anniversary of when they met. "I'm so happy it's ten years because at the beginning of our relationship people didn't give a penny for it," he revealed. "Now we have a beautiful family so it's going to be special being ten years."

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