Big Willy in a Whole New Style
January 18, 2005

After kicking lots of alien and automaton butt in "Men in Black" and "I, Robot," Will Smith is about to take on a much more challenging foe in his new movie: love. In his first big screen romantic comedy, Will stars as Alex "Hitch" Hitchens, New York's smoothest date doctor, who teaches men, like co-star Kevin James, how to win women's hearts. Our Jon Kelley caught up with Will, Kevin and leading lady Eva Mendes to get to the heart of the matter.

"I'm at home in comedy," Will said. "There's just something about when I'm in a comedic scene with someone like Kevin James."

In the movie, Will teaches Kevin the finer points of romancing the ladies, including smooth dance floor moves. So how would he describe Kevin as a Soul Train dancer?

"He's very comfortable to do it in public, and I'm concerned," Will joked.

And how does Kevin describe himself as a dancing machine in real life? "That's sad," Kevin confessed. "What you saw (in the movie) was pretty much me."

"Hitch" marks the "King of Queens" star's screen debut as a leading man, as shown in one hilarious scene where he and Will almost share an intimate kiss. But for some reason, Kevin wouldn't answer any questions about what kind of kisser Will is.

Saucy Eva Mendes stars as a reporter who Will's ultimate bachelor character falls for; did she have the answer about Will's pucker manner? "Really great," she laughed.

So what's Will's take on his co-stars' reactions? "I mean, that's the hardest part of working with me you know," Will declared. "Once, the woman tastes the brillance, the sugar from the sugar daddy; 'cause there's a lot of man over here."

And you can get a taste of sugar when "Hitch" brings its love guru groove to theaters on February 11th.

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