Hollywood Gets Golden
January 14, 2005

Itís time to roll out that red carpet as "Extra" takes you inside the preparations for one of Hollywood's grandest galas. Nicole is nominated, Halle is presenting and the "Desperate Housewives" will be doing it up at the 62nd annual Golden Globes!

Our Jerry Penacoli was on the scene at Globes central, where he caught up with the nightís producer Barry Adelman for some insider info about the A-listers weíll see on the spectacular stage: "The five ëDesperate Housewives,í they're going to come out together and present. Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johanssen, Nicole Kidman." Adelman could have gone on all night, but we had more to get to, like whoís going to be sitting with whom?

Hollywood Foreign Press President Lorenzo Soria gave us the low down on the sit downs, confirming that Nicole, Naomi Watts, Orlando Bloom, Ewan MacGregor and the Duchess of York will all be sitting together. And those arenít the only seating surprises. According to Soria, Meryl Streep will be beside Mick Jagger. So who made that call? "I think that she expressed the desire," Soria said.

The "Sideways" cast will be dining together, and at last night's LA Film Critics Awards, Sandra Oh told us she's more focused on Sunday's food than their seven nominations, "Hopefully eating enough, drinking enough, and eating enough," she joked of her plans for the night.

And Sandraís co-star, Paul Giamatta, admitted to having some butterflies in his stomach, telling us he feels, "Nervous. I think if I actually thought I was going to win, I'd be nervous."

Well, the leading actor nominee may not feel the Globe is in the bag, but we know something that is -- goodies for Golden Globe nominees and presenters who attend the Style 2205 Retreat at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. From a $10,000 trip to Rio to $35 flip-flops, it's a haul worth $38,000!

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