Ready for the Red Carpet
January 14, 2005

Tinseltown is preparing for Sundayís golden night at the Golden Globe Awards, and along with the nominees and possible winners, the question on everybodyís lips is "what will they be wearing?" "Extraís" got some answers from the experts and the stars themselves.

Eva Longoria, Debra Messing and Mena Suvari were among Hollywoodís most beautiful who prepped for the Globes by attending the InStyle/Diamond Trading Company luncheon in Beverly Hills to sample stunning rocks to go with their couture gowns. And Eva revealed her big secret to us -- what sheíll be wearing: "I'm wearing Oscar De La Renta. A gorgeous short dress -- not a gown. Itís fun and young, itís cool, itís me!"

Meanwhile, we caught up with another "Desperate Housewife" -- Globe nominee Teri Hatcher -- checking out the fashions and accessories at the Silver Spoon Buffet Pre-Awards Lounge, where the stars can get makeup, jewelry, shoes and hot shades, or grab a comfortable seat in a love sac.

Glamour magazineís Editor in Chief Cindy Lieve is "Extraís" fashion guru for the Globes, and sheíll have her eye on the ones to watch. "You want to see who comes out on top, who looks fabulous and who doesnít look fabulous," Cindy said.

So who does she think will be turning heads this year? "Nicole (Kidman) is nominated, everybody wants to see what sheís going to wear," Cindy noted. "Umaís nominated; sheís always a fashion trendsetter."

"Scarlett Johansson is definitely a darling of a lot of big designers," Cindy added.

And when it comes to Golden Globe hair, top celebrity stylist Mella Murphy from the Louis Licari salon tells us what to expect from Hollywoodís fashionistas: "Youíre going to see a lot of length, a lot of long, low layers. Really pretty, soft curls."

But Eva reminded us that it takes more than a hairstylist to get Globe ready, admitting, "Thereís a team of people involved. I donít just walk out the door."
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