Star Justice: Family Matters
January 13, 2005

Legal issues just keep arising for the stars. Here are the latest, including a new shocker from Michael Jackson.

In court paper obtained by the television program "Celebrity Justice," the embattled pop star is being named as the father of two twin baby boys by Sholeh Bocchelli, a woman claiming she became pregnant with the twins through in-vitro fertilization.

The children, named Isaiah and Jean-Pierre, were born in November, and Bocchelli claims that, since then, Jackson has kept her from seeing the twins.

Meanwhile, Burt Reynolds recently accused his former girlfriend, Pamela Seals, of extortion, and she shot back claiming abuse. Now Burt and Pamela are trying to settle their legal differences. Lawyers for both sides, including Reynolds' Howard Rosoff, met in a Los Angeles court Thursday morning. "We're really optimistic," Rosoff declared. " Nobody wants to go to trial."

In November, Reynolds sued Seals for extortion after she asked for money following the end of their 16-year relationship. Seals then filed her own suit, claiming Reynolds was abusive and failed to make good on a promise to look after her and her mother.

And new details have surfaced in the James Brown rape lawsuit. Jacque Hollander, a former Brown employee, is suing the soul singer, claming he raped her 16 years ago. Our Tanika Ray sat down with the 71-year-old music icon to respond to the charges. "You know how I look, how I act and work on stage," Brown stated. "Would it make sense for me to rape somebody on the side of the highway? Miss, that's more then phooey, that's a lie."

Meanwhile, Brown is working on a reality show for VH1.

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