The Golden Foxx
January 13, 2005

Jamie Foxx is considered a shoe-in to take home a Golden Globe for his searing portrayal of the late great Ray Charles, and "Extra's" Jon Kelley partied with Hollywood's new golden guy and his good friend, Queen Latifah.

So just who is the foxy Foxx taking with him to the Golden Globes? "This young lady right here," Jamie showed us. "People, see that? This is my daughter, right here."

Foxx is the first actor ever to receive three Golden Globe nominations in the same year. Along with "Ray" and a Best Supporting Actor nod for "Collateral," Jamie is also nominated for his TV movie, "Redemption." And he's already got a vote of confidence from former Globe nominee Queen Latifah.

"He brought nothing but talent and ability and gifts," she told us.

Jamie's expected to get even more recognition as Oscar season rolls in. So how would the actor celebrate if he walked off with that Academy Award? "Little Jon and Fat Joe -- we're going to go straight back and lean back!" he joked.

Don't miss Jamie at the Golden Globes, Sunday, January 16th, on NBC.

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