Usher Set to Burn Up the Big Screen
January 13, 2005

He's the hottest thing in music, and now he's about to bring his heat to the big screen. That's right, Usher is set to become a leading man. Our Mark McGrath caught up with the "Burning" man on the LA set of his movie, "Dying for Dolly," where he got to see a different side of Usher.

"Yeah, man, there are a few steamy scenes in this," Usher confessed to Mark.

And seeing Usher in steamy action with his sexy co-star, it's clear he's set to burn up the big screen like he has the music charts.

But Usher is also getting to flex his acting pecs in the picture in which he play a bodyguard -- a real change of pace for somebody's who's known as the nicest guy in showbiz. So how does he get that tough guy mentality? Is it just method acting? "Yeah, yeah, method!" Usher laughed.

Though he's had bit parts before, this is Usher's first leading role, and he admitted to finding it a bit daunting and a little scary: "When there's success associated with you, you got to have a little pressure, right?"

This year, Usher has had off-the-charts success, and he's up for eight Grammy awards. "What would winning a Grammy mean to you," Mark asked, admitting, "Some of us have never won, or been nominated."

"You know, the first time I ever won a Grammy, it was the highlight of my life," Usher recalled.

Usher revealed that in 2005 he's hoping to continue with both music and movies, telling Mark, "I'd love to act opposite Samuel L. Jackson, I'd love to act opposite Denzel Washington. Bruce Willis would be a good look."

You heard it here, "Die Hard 4:" Usher's your man!

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