Brad Sparks Fan Frenzy in Tokyo
January 13, 2005

Brad Pitt may have just proven he's the biggest star on the planet. Brad, George Clooney and Matt Damon were crushed by a sea of screaming fans Wednesday night in Tokyo, at the Japanese premiere of "Oceans 12," and "Extra's" cameras were in the middle of the surreal scene.

Hysterical fans swarmed the megastars, breaking out camera-phones just to catch a glimpse of the "Ocean's 12" idols. At one point, the fan frenzy became so chaotic that guards had to whisk Pitt away from the overzealous crowd.

But the mayhem didn't stop the stars from signing hundreds of autographs, and we spotted the stars -- known for pulling pranks on the set -- pulling pranks on each other. Brad even pretended to sign Matt's face.

And "Extra" noticed something else about Brad -- he was still sporting his wedding band.

Meanwhile, Brad's reported ex, Jennifer Aniston, was an ocean away in Los Angeles filming her latest movie "Friends with Money," co-starring Frances McDormand. And yes, Jen was also spotted still wearing her wedding ring.

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