All the Right Moves
January 12, 2005

Jennifer Lopez is ready to return to the public eye with a new album and video, and when Jen needed a few new moves, she turned to daytime's dance queen, Ellen DeGeneres.

"I help her with a lot of things, she'll come to me for advice on love, life or choreography," Ellen joked. "So, I just like to help out."

Ellen was there on the set of Jennifer’s new video to bust a few moves with Jen and her dancers, and she didn’t show up alone -- she arrived accompanied by a big group, some even carrying fruit.

“I thought I had a big posse,” Jennifer told Ellen.

"If I show up alone, I'm not cool," Ellen admitted jokingly. "I don't know half these people, I hired them, they were on the corner by the hardware store."

So how did Ellen do busting the fly moves with the former Fly Girl?

"When I was dancing with them, the other girls, they're all off, every single one of them." Ellen joked, showing a playback where she was obviously the only one out of step.

And you can see the fun for yourself on Thursday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show."

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