Stars and the City
January 12, 2005

From Annette Bening and Jerry Bruckheimer to Clint Eastwood and Clive Owen, it was a star-studded prelude to Oscar night at the National Board of Review Awards Tuesday night in New York City.

Bruckheimer took home the Producer of the Year Award and admitted, "It feels great." And Clint, who won the New York Film Critics Award and took home a special award on Tuesday, told us, "It feels like I've been up two nights in a row. I'm just here for dessert."

Meanwhile, with award season in full swing, fresh-faced "Phantom of the Opera" star, Emmy Rossum, was simply star-struck. "It's huge," she insisted about being nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress. "I've won already just being mentioned with Annette Bening, Kate Winslet and RenČe Zellweger. It's really just more than I would ever dare dream."

Veteran actress Annette Bening is dealing with her share of Oscar buzz, although the actress told us, "Well, it's flattering when other people say it. But that's not in my control."

And Oscar hopeful Javier Bardem was still in shock when we talked to him, having just met his favorite actor, Daniel Day Lewis: "I'm still in shock! Mr. Daniel Day Lewis."

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