Making the Red Carpet Red Hot
January 12, 2005

From Manhattan to Los Angeles, awards season is in full swing, but things really kick off on Sunday night with the Golden Globe Awards. And while everybody's buzzing about the nominees and potential winners, there's another topic that's almost as hot -- style. The big question: what's the look the stars will be sporting on the red carpet this year? We've got the answer from the experts.

Halston Creative Director Bradley Bayou, who's fashioned looks in the past for such A-listers as Debra Messing and the "Desperate Housewives" cast, showed off some of his new show-stopper gowns to "Extra." Bradley thinks one of the Globe's fashion statements this year will be, "A lot of vibrant colors to pastels to a lot of golds."

"I see a lot of glamour, very couture, very '50s inspired," he added.

Meanwhile, according to Randy Soto, creative director of Harry Winston, Beverly Hills, glamour's the word that also applies to this year's Golden Globe bling brigade. "We have the most spectacular, right-hand cocktail ring to wear for the red carpet," Soto showed us.

Actress Renee Wilson, who was one of the Rayettes in the Golden Globe nominated "Ray," dropped by Harry Winston and sampled a 17-carat yellow diamond and a ruby diamond bracelet with matching earrings! "I absolutely love these," she said.

And you can catch the fashion parade, when the Golden Globes kick off at 7p.m. Sunday night on NBC.

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