Brad and Jen's Final Fling
January 11, 2005

"Extra" has learned that just days before Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke the news of their break up to the world, Hollywood's former "it" couple took one last intimate and melancholy vacation on the island of Anguilla.

Us Weekly magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Janice Min, is breaking the news about the split that shocked the world. "If you didn't think Brad and Jen were splitting up, you would think this was their second honeymoon," said Min of the trip during which the pair was even spotted sharing perhaps their final kiss.

Joined by Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Brad and Jen seemed to be having a great time. Brad rode a motorcycle and the two couples took a boat trip. During their vacation, both Brad and Jen still wore their wedding rings, but there was one tell-tale sign that things were not right: a necklace Brad has worn for years. "His old necklace was a replica of their wedding ring," Min told us. "But Brad's new necklace had an emblem in the shape of a horn."

And what about Brad's "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie? As the story of their breakup broke, her name was splashed in newspapers and TV reports around the world. Intriguingly, Angelina was a no-show at the Rome premiere of her new movie "Alexander" -- so, is she in hiding? No, "Extra" has learned Angelina was actually on a goodwill mission in Africa.

As for what lies ahead, "Extra" has learned Brad is getting ready to go overseas again. He is hopping on a plane bound for Japan for the premiere of "Ocean's 12."

Jennifer is back on the set of her new movie shooting in Los Angeles. Since "Friends" ended, Aniston's movie career has been red hot; she has six projects in the works, including a movie she just finished shooting with Clive Owen called "Derailed."

Meanwhile, Brad seems to be over the whole movie star thing, according to Us Weekly. "In the past year, Brad really took his life in a new direction," Min observed. "You saw him campaigning for John Kerry, campaigning for stem cell research on the California ballot."

Don't miss Thursday's edition of "Extra" to see the photographs from Brad and Jen's last weekend together.

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