Jennifer 'Elektrafies' Sin City
January 10, 2005

Jennifer Garner took Las Vegas by storm this weekend with the world premiere of "Elektra," and a radiant Jen was living proof that she's doing just fine after being stricken with a mystery illness. In fact, Jen took the opportunity to set the record straight about reports that she's been seriously ill.

"I'm good," she told us. "Everyone has been so sweet and concerned. My back was hurting over the break, and nothing ever hurts. I thought I had an infection. I wasn't feeling well. And then it turned out I'd hurt my back at some point in this stunt, which over the last year, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner."

Like on "Alias," Garner did most of her own stunts for "Elektra," the big-screen spin-off of the character she originated in "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck.

And many of the people who attended Saturday night's premiere, held at the Palms Casino, were hoping to catch a glimpse of the new man in Jen's life, Ben Affleck. "I have word he's going to be here," said Jen's "Daredevil" co-star Michael Clarke Duncan. "They're so good together, and I can see they're in love. It's not one of those Hollywood things. When they get married, it's going to be for a long time."

You can catch "Elektra" when it bounds into theaters on Friday.

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