Hot Wheels For Relief
January 7, 2005

The world has rallied since the catastrophic tsunamis struck South Asia, hoping to help in any way possible. Now funny lady Ellen DeGeneres is doing her part donating the money she'll raise by auctioning off a Toyota Prius on eBay.

"You can't not get involved," Ellen insisted. "You see the devastation, the footage, it's horrible, it's hard to look at, but it's hard to ignore it. You have to be aware of what's going on and do your part. I just hope [the car] goes for a lot more than what it sells for because of where the money's going."

And there's no doubt that having Ellen DeGeneres attached to the car won't hurt. But the funny lady clarified, "Well, I'm not really attached to it. I'm not going with the car. I'm going to stay here."

As well she should. Ellen is up for two People's Choice Awards on Sunday, and on Monday, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman will be on her show, talking about her children and family.

Bid on Ellen’s Prius
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