Julia Builds Up Her New Mexico Nest
January 7, 2005

New mom Julia Roberts is moving onto Donald Rumsfeld's turf. The pretty woman has made a blockbuster deal with the secretary of defense, buying 32 acres of his neighboring ranch in Taos, New Mexico.

Reports say Roberts has been quietly buying land from her neighbors as she expands her nest for her growing family. And People Magazine Senior Editor Cynthia Sanz says the Rumsfeld deal is a natural move. "[Rumsfeld's] whole property is probably worth a few million dollars," Sanz said. "Julia can really relax and unwind and they're not bothered out in New Mexico. She's been in New Mexico for a while. She had 80 acres even before she bought this land. She really considers it home."

So, while Julia may call New Mexico home, will the new mom make her first public appearance since having her twins at this Sunday's People's Choice Awards? Julia is up for a Best Smile Award, and while she's been out of sight, she is definitely not out of mind. Her "Closer" costar Clive Owen couldn't stop talking about Julia at Thursday's London premiere. "She was just an absolute treat and a pleasure," he said. "It was very, very easy and that's a credit to her really."

And there's another special delivery on its way to Julia, courtesy of "Extra:" the baby book we had her co-stars sign at the "Oceans 12" premiere in Hollywood.

As for local well-wishers in New Mexico, the Rumsfelds are sure to be stopping by. The couple already popped in after Julia and husband Danny Moder's wedding back in 2002.

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