Sand Angels
January 6, 2005

Victoria's Secret is taking the chill out of your winter with their upcoming 10th Anniversary Swimsuit Catalogue featuring Brazilian bombshell Giselle Bundchen, who insisted, "I think they've topped themselves this year."

The catalogue also features Heidi Klum and gives Adriana Lima a career boost by making her the cover girl. "It's very important to be on the cover for the career," Adriana admitted. "Everybody sees it."

"Extra" went behind the scenes to show you just what you'll be seeing this summer on the beach: longer tops, smaller bottoms and more floral prints. But when it comes to swimsuits, what do these women want?

"I prefer a bathing suit to be really, really small," Klum admitted.

"The smaller it is for me, it's the best," Bundchen added. "The less tan lines the better. For my job I can't get big tan lines."

You can almost hear the men of America saying, "No arguments here!" Well, the Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalogue is available on Friday.

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