Beauty the Wisteria Way
January 6, 2005

Ever looked around your neighborhood and wondered why the ladies don't look like those on Wisteria Lane? Well, "Extra's" got the exclusive sneak peek at how the "Desperate Housewives" stay so sexy. And despite their short shorts, tight tops, smooth skin and sparkling smiles, Nicolette Sheridan says they don't get sexy by starving themselves. "We love to eat," she insisted.

Us Weekly is diving into the "Housewives'" world in this week's issue, uncovering the secrets to how they stay so gorgeous. "They each have a very specific, tailored beauty regimen that works for each one of them," US Weekly's Katrina Zish told us.

Eva Longoria is the youngest housewife, but she still works hard to keep her hard body. Her beauty basics include cardio, yoga, boxing three times a week and eating six small meals a day. And Eva told our Jon Kelley she's much different than Gabrielle in real life, revealing, "I hate to wear makeup unless it's an event, and then I like to get dressed up in the gowns and stuff."

Meanwhile, Teri Hatcher takes Striptease classes at Sheila Kelley's S Factor in Los Angeles, and she even recently gave Jay Leno a demonstration. And there's no doubt, at 40, Hatcher knows that less makeup is more. She also often dresses down, sporting tanks, tees, and jeans.

Nicolette's secret to toning her killer bod includes lots of skiing. She loves Jessica Simpson's Desserts Beauty Line, and according to Zish, as far as fashion, anything goes: "[Nicolette] loves anything with a neckline down as far as it can go and a hemline up as far as it can go."

Five-foot-ten-inch Marcia Cross keeps her statuesque figure with a rigorous walking and yoga routine, and she uses ultra-expensive Crème de la Mer on her porcelain skin.

But it's Felicity Huffman with whom most real housewives identify. She keeps it clean and easy, usually wearing casual clothes and not a lot of makeup.

Even with different routines and different ages, there's no doubt that all of these "Desperate Housewives" are knockouts.

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