Inside Details of Halle Berry Divorce
January 6, 2005

Halle Berry has officially ended a painful chapter in her life, thanks to a divorce settlement with ex-husband Eric Benet. "Celebrity Justice" Executive Producer Harvey Levin explained how the judge ruled to split their assets.

"She keeps the house they lived in, in the Hollywood Hills," Levin told us. "He was going to challenge the prenuptial agreement, but that didn't happen. He doesn't get any spousal support. The bottom line is what's hers is hers, what's his is his."

So, despite speculation that Benet would ignite a messy court battle, Halle's ex won't see a dime of her millions in the divorce that was finalized on Monday.

Halle had no comment about the judgment when "Extra" contacted her Thursday morning, but she was clear about what she was looking for when we sat down just after she filed for divorce: "I just hope I find a guy who loves me and will appreciate me and who will come home because he wants to and not because he signed a paper and we have a contract."

Now, with a marriage behind her, Halle says she doesn't see any altars in her future. "I know I won't walk down that aisle again and do that again," she insisted.

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