Rumor Control: Speaking Engagements
January 5, 2005

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the star rumors in need of controlÍ

Richard Gere has never been politically shy, but is the activist star now stumping for Palestine? He is indeed. "Extra" got the first look at a public service announcement Richard did to promote the upcoming Palestinian elections. The award-winning actor even tries the native tongue to get his message across. Gere's announcement will be running on Palestinian and Arabic TV in the days just before Sunday's election. Don't miss Wednesday's edition of "Extra" for a peek at the PSA.

In a more romantic vein, "Extra" was first to report that supermodel Heidi Klum and super singer Seal were on their way to the altar. Now, comes world that the couple has confirmed. On Heidi's website, she reveals, "We affianced on a glacier in Canada..." That means she and Seal got engaged on a big piece of ice. No date yet set for the wedding.

Sienna Miller met her love, handsome Jude Law, on the set of the film, "Alfie," but today rumors are swirling that Sienna's taken Jude off the market completely because the two are officially engaged. And sorry, ladies, this one is true as well. We got a peek at Sienna's new rock as she was out Wednesday morning in New York City, walking her dog and her $30,000 ring.

The cute couple may also be partnering up for more work soon: Jude and Sienna are leading the pack of stars dying to do the film about Andy Warhol's life.

Finally, we all loved Teri Polo in the "Focker" films, but will we really be seeing more of her? A whole lot more? Making for a clean sweep, this one's true, too -- we'll get the chance to see the whole Teri when she appears in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine.

Teri -- who sources say admits she is compulsively clean, washing her hands up to 20 times a day -- not only graces the issue with an eight-page layout, she'll also be on the cover. The Polo Playboy goes public late this month.

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