Undercover With Jennifer Garner
January 5, 2005

Millions of fans have anxiously awaited the return of "Alias," and Wednesday night, the world can finally welcome back Sydney Bristow. So what can we expect? "Extra" sat down with Jennifer Garner and her co-stars to get the scoop.

"I go from screaming in Chinese, to speaking Swedish, to you know, being blonde, having black hair, having blond hair," Jen told us.

And that's just the first episode, as Garner and her "Alias" crew go back to saving the world. "It's so wild, I can't even remember anything that happened," Garner admitted.

And Jen's co-star Victor Garber wasn't sharing any secrets either: "Have I been shot this year? Must have been. I strangled someone the other day; that was good."

We do know that the season premiere will pick up where last season left off. Michael Vartan's character is working through some issues. "Last year we left off with me shooting my wife," Michael recalled.

And Sydney Bristow is still battling the forces of evil and her feelings for a former flame. We did learn, however, that guest star Angela Bassett will make for an interesting twist this season, as she orders a transfer for our favorite superspy, sending Sydney to÷ the mailroom?

Meanwhile, if you think she's tough in "Alias," you'll want to see Garner kick butt in her new movie, "Elektra," which opens next week. And Jen admitted she could use some of her ninja skills to make sure things go her way on the set. "I could try a little more ka-pow! at work," she laughed. "I'm going to see how that goes over."

In the meantime, be sure to catch the "ka-pow" two-hour season premiere of "Alias," Wednesday night on ABC.

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