The Evolution of Eva
January 5, 2005

Eva Longoria's been swept off her feet by overnight stardom, and the sexy little "Desperate Housewife" just keeps getting more famous by the day. Now she's about to make a giant leap to the big screen and our Jerry Penacoli was lucky enough to cuddle up to the vivacious vixen on the Hollywood set of her first feature film, "Harsh Times," for an exclusive glimpse of her life at the top.

Eva stars alongside "Six Feet Under's" Freddy Rodriguez and the new "Batman," Christian Bale as a young woman trying to escape the mean streets of East Los Angeles, but surprisingly, her debut movie role is neither funny nor sexy. "No lingerie," she confirmed. "Yaay!"

"It's a drama, it's very heavy," Eva continued, and revealed that she's getting some private, on-the-job coaching from her old friend Freddy, who plays her boyfriend. "He said, if there's anything he could teach me, or tell me, it would be to stay humble."

But that's not necessarily easy when you're starring in one of TV's hottest hits and gracing the latest issue of Maxim magazine and FHM's calendar as Miss July. "Do you like the pearls?" Eva joked of her layout when Jerry showed it to her. "Everybody waters their lawn in lingerie."

Eva also revealed she's been getting a taste of the flipside of fame, courtesty of one of the paparazzi. "I was driving today and my neighbor stopped me, and he goes, 'there's a guy who's been camped out here for, like, two weeks, sleeping in the car,'" Eva related. "It is scary. It's scary to know somebody's watching you."

But it's not just one person watching Eva, millions are desperate to see as much as they can of this rising star, every Sunday night - and we'll all have our chance to see a little more, when Eva is a presenter at the People's Choice Awards, this Sunday on CBS.

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