Did Jackson Accuser's Mom Fool Jokesters?
January 4, 2005

"Celebrity Justice" has learned that two jokesters may have been fooled in a fundraising scam, believing they were helping the cancer-stricken boy who has accused Michael Jackson of molestation.

"CJ" Executive Producer Harvey Levin told "Extra" that both the star of "The George Lopez Show" and "Rush Hour" star Chris Tucker rallied around the young boy at The Laugh Factory fundraisers four years ago in Los Angeles.

"There were benefits for this boy, donations made to this boy and both comedians were involved," Levin told us.

Jamie Masada, owner of The Laugh Factory and the man who befriended the boy and introduced him to Jackson, expressed concern just after the Jackson arrest. He's now been quoted as saying, "Anything we raised we gave directly to the hospital." The funny thing is, insurance covered all of boy's the medical bills.

"It doesn't make sense that a check would go to a hospital, when the hospital was already paid," Levin observed.

"Celebrity Justice" has also learned that LA weatherman and comedian Fritz Coleman was targeted by the accuser's mom and asked to plug an October 2000 charity event.

Masada and Coleman declined comment, and neither Lopez nor Tucker were available to talk, but when it comes to the fundraising scandal, all could be subpoenaed to give a very public performance at Michael Jackson's trial.


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