Putting on Heirs
January 4, 2005

When he kicks the bucket, wealthy rancher Bill Long will be leaving his beloved half million dollar ranch to one lucky heir -- but not before his family and friends fight to be the heir, in the back-stabbing, double-crossing new reality soap opera, "The Will."

"Someone is going to get it after I die anyway, so this is a fun way to decide who that might be," Bill told us.

Well, it's sure to be fun for Bill, anyway, as he gets to sit back and watch his loved ones claw their way through the competition, but it won't be quite so easy for the rest.

In the running are Long's wife, Penny, who will go up against his son, Bill, Jr. Then there's surrogate son Josh, Penny's son Ashley, and her mean mom Bette. "I'm the bad mother-in-law in the equation," Bette admitted.

But don't discount Ashley's ex, Kristen, who promised, "I'm going to do whatever it takes." And you can't forget sexy family friends Danielle and Crystal who told us, "I know it will get ugly."

Yes, all this is bound to result in one vicious family feud fit for primetime. "I'm going to win, no question," Penny insisted.

But as Mrs. Long and the rest of the family plot and scheme, they'll have to lock horns with Bill's best friend, cutthroat cowboy Mickey, who said, "They fight like dogs and cats, and here I am going to sneak around."

See who gets cut and who cashes in when "The Will" premieres, Saturday night on CBS.

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