Did Jackson Accuser's Mom Falsely Solicit Charity?
January 3, 2005

The TV show "Celebrity Justice" has uncovered startling new allegations in the Michael Jackson case that indicate the mother of Jackson's child molestation accuser used her own son to collect cash.

"Celebrity Justice" Executive Producer, Harvey Levin, uncovered the allegations and says the mother effectively conned people into donating money for her son's cancer treatment. "There are people in Los Angeles County who believe the mother of this accuser deceived an entire community," Levin revealed.

Back in 2000, Connie Keenan, editor of the Mid Valley News, a small-town newspaper in El Monte, just outside of Los Angeles, had a reporter write a story to help the mother raise funds for her son's cancer treatments. "The newspaper agreed to write an article," Levin recounted for us. "[The mother] explained that the chemotherapy bills were enormous, twelve thousand dollars for each treatment."

But Connie revealed to "Celebrity Justice" that she began to suspect the mother was out for personal gain, saying, "She's a shark, she was after the money. She wanted the money sent to her in her name at her home address."

Levin added, "The writer was so moved by the mother's story she brought a Thanksgiving turkey over to the family and the mother said, 'That's nice, but I'd rather have the money.'"

The money that the accuser's mother received was supposed to pay for her son's mounting medical bills, but Levin uncovered evidence that the bills were already paid. "Guess what? There were no medical bills. None," Levin revealed to us. "The father of this boy was covered, the entire family covered, by insurance, one hundred percent. They didn't have to pay a cent."

"My readers were used. My staff was used. It's sickening," Keenan insisted.

So what happened to the nearly $1,000 donated to help the sick little boy? "We don't know where that money went," Levin admitted.

A source speaking for the mother told "Celebrity Justice" that none of the money was misspent, but with Michael Jackson just weeks away from trial, money -- and the motives of the accuser's mother -- will likely take center stage.

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