Getting intimate with JANET JACKSON, this weekend on EXTRA. The pop music superstar talks music, marriage and men. Then, they ruled the Golden Globes but the AUSTRALIAN INVASION is just beginning. Meet the next wave of standout stars from the land down under. Plus, find out how you can dress like the stars in CELEBRITY FASHION KNOCK-OFFS, this weekend on EXTRA.

'Collateral Damage'

There’s no rest for Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the new movie "Collateral Damage." It's a film with a lot of similarities to real life. Our Leeza Gibbons sat down with Arnold to find out more.

Exotic Spices

Oakland A’s slugger David Justice is scoring big in the romance department these days. Meanwhile, his new wife's scoring points in the business world.

Body Beautiful - Hot Point Fitness

Steve Zim, trainer and author of Hot Point Fitness, helps Chris Evans, Hollywood’s newest heartthrob, get a better body. Steve says he can help Chris do it in four weeks.

Jill Hennessy

It’s a big crossover for “Crossing Jordan” star Jill Hennessy. “Extra” has more on the role that could really turn up the heat on this primetime TV star.

Extra! Extra!

Katie Couric holds court with one of the country's legal Supremes, Barbara Walters goes one-on-one with the Big Apple's big cheese, Matt Damon goes into detail about his “Will & Grace” role, and Smash Ball is looking for a few good men. Want more? You got it in Extra! Extra!
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