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Chris Evans is Hollywood’s newest heartthrob who wants a better body. Steve Zim, trainer and author of Hot Point Fitness, knew just what to do, and he said he could do it in four weeks. Steve says, “Our goal for Chris is to take him from good shape to amazing shape.” • Read Story »

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Owen's Water Workout
To get in shape, all you really need is water. Owen will show you a pool workout that targets your entire body including the most important muscle of all, your heart. • Read Story »
Body Rx
You spin, skate, swim, and sprint to stay in shape. But one expert says you can just say no to cardio! Dr. Scott Connelly says, "You can become very fit and very lean without ever doing aerobics." • Read Story »

Walking Workouts
Walking is the ultimate workout, combining resistance and cardiovascular training in one, Speed up your workout by walking.• Read Story »

Owen's Cardio Workout
Aerobic exercise does not have to be boring. You can get more out of your aerobic workout by altering your routine and Owen will show you how! • Read Story »
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