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Weekend April 7/8, 2001

Yoga for Kids

Say bye-bye to ballet. Ta-ta to tee-ball. And so-long to soccer! Now kids are making meditation their recreation by practicing yoga.

At Next Generation Yoga in New York they do poses like the elephant, cobra, and butterfly. Instructor Jodi Komitor says its playtime but with a purpose. "They have the opportunity to strengthen their muscles, elongate their spine, and increase their self-esteem."

In Los Angeles at the Center for Yoga, kids from ages 3-to-12 have found themselves getting roped into yoga. Instructor Abbie Atkins has been doing yoga since she was a child. She says it helps kids learn how to focus, and it increases their flexibility and coordination. Abbie says, "I ask them what makes them peaceful and feel good and they all say yoga."

So Dayna decided to try her hands and feet. at yoga with the help of a five-year-old Isabella Hutchinson. Isabella says, "It makes me strong and relaxed."

And parents love it too. This is one of the few times you'll see this many kids absolutely still. Isabella's dad has noticed a difference. He says, "She's a lot calmer, quieter. She handles her body in a different way."

Yogakids (VHS)

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