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Wednesday December 6, 2000

Top Sex Scenes of All-Time

They're the hottest scenes in movie history. Not hot as in "Towering Inferno," hot as in "Basic Instinct." EXTRA has Maxim magazine's steamy Top 25 countdown.

"Color of Night" was steamy, "Bound" was naughty, and "Showgirls" was dripping with controversy. Now Maxim magazine has compiled their top 25 greatest sex scenes ever filmed!

Maxim's Steven Russell says, "We looked at dozens and dozens of movies to find the best sex scenes… 100 hours logged, it wasn't easy work."

Steven had the vigorous task of compiling the highlights that included two Sharon Stone vehicles - "Basic Instinct" ranked 14 on the list and "Sliver" slid in at number 8. Steven says, "The main attraction is to get another chance to see Sharon Stone naked."

In what seems like an odd choice, the love scene between Chloe Sevigny and Hilary swank, whose character impersonates a guy in "Boys Don't Cry, came in at 11. Hilary Swank was surprised, "I didn't know that. Thank you."

Nobody said these were the best movies. The Maxim staff fought most over just which scene from the bomb "Showgirls" to include - that film bared all at number 12.

While the list was clearly compiled by men for men, there is a separate list of chick flix topped by "Shakespeare in Love." Steven Russell points out, "Forty-five minutes in, you do see Gwyneth Paltrow totally naked."

Finally, Maxim mag's number one best sex scene of all time... The obscure 1994 Bruce Willis film "Color of Night." Steven Russell explains, "It's just absolutely a fornicata-thon! A woman he doesn't know topples into his pool and then they have sex in the bed. Then they take a break and she cooks him a steak... in the nude."

Maxim Magazine

Top 25
1. Color of Night
2. Angel Heart
3. Wild Orchid
4. Body of Evidence
5. Boogie Nights
6. The Hunger
7. 9 1/2 Weeks
8. Sliver
9. Don't Look Now
10. Breathless
11. Boys Don't Cry
12. Showgirls
13. Bound
14. Basic Instinct
15. Wild Things
16. Bolero
17. Boxing Helena
18. 2 Days In The Valley
19. Cat People
20. Single White Female
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction
22. Henry and June
23. Species
24. Jason's Lyric
25. Risky Business

Top "Chick Flick" Scenes
Shakespeare In Love
The Lover
The Unbearable Likeness of Being
The Wings of the Dove

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