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Original Sin
Tuesday July 31, 2001

He's a businessman who doesn't believe in love. She's the sexually uninhibited woman who opens his mind and steals more than his heart. Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie take the R-rated sex scene to new heights in the sexually charged thriller, "Original Sin." Antonio says, "We didn't choreograph anything actually, we were pretty free to create on the scene.

Director Michael Christopher captured moments of sexual intimacy so convincing all of Hollywood is buzzing: did they or didn't they?

Angelina says, "Sometimes he'd just let us explore each other's hands or faces or things and he'd just let the cameras go."

The director admits his naked stars got fully immersed in their characters. He says, "They just took off and sort of did it."

The married Angelina swears she would never commit such a sin. She says, "I think very little of people that do things like that."

The first time rumors swirled around a sex scene were 1973 with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland's red-hot "Don't Look Now." But Movieline's Heidi Parker says rumors of real sex sell tickets. Who can forget "Wild Orchid" or "Basic Instinct?"

Antonio wants to put this rumor to bed now. The Latin lover saves his best moves for wife Melanie Griffith.

He says, "She got what you saw in the movie for real every night (Laughs)."

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Original Sin

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