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Star Trek Enterprise
Wednesday October 3, 2001

For more than three decades the intrepid crews of "Star Trek" have boldly gone where none have gone before. Now the fifth series, a prequel to the enduring sci-fi saga, will take viewers on the first trek into the final frontier: "Enterprise."

Before Janeway, Picard, and Kirk, there was Jonathan Archer, the first captain of the starship Enterprise, played by Scott Bakula. Bakula says of his role, “We're just having a ball. To be the first, the first captain on the first ship, it's crazy."

Set just 150 years from today, “Enterprise" is pretty low-tech compared to its 24th century predecessors. Scott says, “We don't have transporters, we have shuttle pods that take us down to the planets."

Still, Scott’s Enterprise is pretty cool. Joining Bakula on his mission to seek out new life and new civilizations are an alien doctor, a Vulcan science officer, and very human officers Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, and Connor Trineer.

Now, with a few missions under their belt, they'll tell you the toughest part of exploring space isn't Klingons, it's boldly going through all the Trek-speak!

Trek-speak aside, the crew says viewers who aren't up to speed with the "Star Trek" universe can still beam on board for "Enterprise." Bakula assures us, “We're at the beginning, so you really don't need to know anything."

Scott Bakula gives "Extra" a tour of the Enterprise

Photos from the Enterprise

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