Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Rumor Control: The J.Lowdown

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's top-secret wedding may have come as a shock to fans and even their friends, but is the couple finally ready to spill the beans about their Hollywood-confidential vows?

Don't get your hopes up, because the answer is no. Anthony appeared on "The Today Show" and "The View," Tuesday morning, to promote his new music video and CD, and although he was wearing a wedding band, he stayed quiet about his new wife, saying,"I understand the interest, but I don't understand the fascination."

Anthony and Lopez may not be giving answers, but that's not stopping people from asking questions -- mainly, is Jennifer pregnant? Sources are saying that Lopez may already be two months along, hence the quickie wedding. "Extra" called both camps for comment, but neither Jennifer nor Marc were talking about a family to anyone just yet.

So, with little time to plan a wedding, did Lopez wear the same dress that she picked out for her and Ben Affleck's big day? Come on, we're talking about La Lopez here of course not! Designer Vera Wang did Mrs. Anthony's gown and revealed at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards that it was a one of a kind.

Jen's ex-boyfriend, P. Diddy, was also at the event, and he had some words for the couple. "From the bottom of my heart, may God bless you and your family. You know I'm your boy for life. Marc, you're my boy -- congratulations."

Legal critics have also speculated that Anthony's Dominican divorce may not be legit. So did he bend the law when he got married just four days after filing? The answer to this one is no. "Extra's" legal team investigated, and a divorce can, in fact, be granted in just three days in the Dominican.

So what did Marc give up in his quickie divorce? "Extra" has the divorce document that would provide Anthony's ex-wife, Dayanara Torres with over $16,000 per month, a home in Miami and a home in Puerto Rico. In addition, neither of the couple's two children will be allowed to call any other man "Daddy," or any other woman "Mommy."

Jen and Marc may be settling down, but is another Jennifer relationship on the rocks? This one is a yes -- the actress/ singer has parted ways with her management company, The Firm, and her publicist. Insiders say there may be more business shake ups on the way for the new bride.

For more on Jen and Marc and the rumors buzzing around their big day, don't miss Tuesday's edition of "Extra."

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