Monday, June 7, 2004
Jennifer and Marc Marry in Surprise Wedding

Just four days after Marc Anthony's divorce became final, Jennifer Lopez again donned a white wedding dress, , and walked down the aisle with the Latin singer. The couple said their vows in the backyard of Lopez's Beverly Hills estate.

About 40 friends and family showed up on Saturday evening, with no idea what was about to happen. Instead, the guests thought they were coming to a party. But it was all part of a carefully orchestrated plan to keep Jennifer's third wedding confidential.

"Extra" was at Jennifer's estate as the balloons were released and the bride's ecstatic mom, Guadalupe, embraced her newly married daughter. Us Weekly's Amy Sultan told us the planners arranged pink, yellow and purple flowers, and stylists from Dolce and Gabbana put the finishing touches on Jennifer's off-the-shoulder dress. The groom wore a cream tux.

"It was very different, I think, from what we were expecting from her and Ben Affleck," Sultan observed.

Jen looked dazzling in $7 million dollars worth of gems, which included a diamond and platinum necklace and accessories, courtesy of celebrity jeweler Neil Lane. "It's a nice feeling being part of someone's wedding, starting a new life," Lane told us.

For hair, Lopez chose an up-do, held in place with matching diamond hair clips styled by Oribe. "She had a beautiful smile, and she had a lot of diamonds," Sultan revealed. "She just looked really, really happy."

"Extra" has learned that Jennifer began her special day with breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Just after 6 pm, the couple exchanged vows under a flower-covered altar before strolling away under a white umbrella. After the ceremony, the couple danced to salsa music and 20s jazz.

Arrangements for the nuptials were kept so secret that even Lopez's ex, Chris Judd was stunned. "This is the first I heard of it," Judd told us when we told him. "I just hope she is truly following her heart like she always does."

And from the MTV Movie Awards in Hollywood to the Tony Awards in New York, wedding wishes poured in for the happy couple, starting with Jennifer's ex-boyfriend, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. "She's living her life the way the wants to live it, and I'm happy for her," he told us.

"Mark had loved J Lo ever since they met," Rosie O'Donnell insisted. "I wish them the best."

"I'm sure she's going to make this one work," Sylvester Stallone added. But comic brother Shawn and Marlon Wayans weren't so sure: "Mark, I hope you can handle all that booty."

For more wedding details, including exclusive inside pictures and video of the new bride, don't miss Monday's edition of "Extra."

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